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Founded in 2003, Alchip Technologies Ltd is a global leading provider of ASIC design and production services for system companies developing complex and high-volume ASIC/SoC. Alchip provides faster time-to-market and cost effective solutions for SoC design with 28/20/16nm and 7nm advanced processes. Our customers include the global leaders in AI, HPC/Supercomputing, consumer electronics devices like cameras, mobile phones, entertainment devices, networking, and other electronic products. Alchip is a public traded company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange with the stock ticker number 3661.

Alchip Milestones


November      Certified member of TSMC DCA (Design Center Alliance) Program

December      90mm first-pass silicon success


April               Design win on 60M-gate processor for world fastest supercomputer

August           Achieved monthly record shipment of 1 million SoCs


June               Completed 65nm embedded ARM 1176 core development

September     Design win on 65mm digital video SoC for top-tier consumer products company

December      Achieved monthly record shipment of 2.5 million SoCs


February        Design win on 65mm Camcoder SoC for top-tier consumer products company

March             Established in-house package substrate design capability

May                Design win on Digital TV chip for top-tier consumer products company

June               Achieved monthly record shipment of 2.5 million SoCs

July                Implementation of in-house prototype testing(Verigy 93000 Pin-Scale 800)


January           Design win on mobile phone SoC for a top-tier telecommunications company

February         Expanded semi-custom design services to provide power and area efficient ARM cores

March              Joined Cadence’s Power Forward Initiative(PFI)

                        Achieved monthly record shipment of 2.5 million SoCs

April                Certified Member of ARM Connected Community

May                 Sony MD selected Achip as its exclusive partner for packaging solutions

June                Won Top 10 Most Outstanding China IC Design Company Award

August            Adopted Synopsys’ Eclypse Low Power Solution

October          Started mass production for 65mm full turn-key

November       Alchip’s 1st 65nm full turn-key design win in China

December       Awarded SONY Green Partner Certificate

                        Set up thermal stream and auto handler for in-house SoC tester


February        Joined eBeam initiative for e-Beam Technology

April               Certified member of TSMC VCA( Value Chain Aggregator) Program

June               Half node process adoption: Initiated 55nm design at TSMC

                        Build up internal package substrate design capacity, completed 8 substrate designs

                        Released 1st quad-site final test of 65nm turn-key for mass production

July                 Installed D10 tester of Credence in Achip Hsinchu to support consumer products

September     Passed R390 qualification of Sony

December      Started mass production for 55mm full turn-key

                       40nm first silicon success


March             Achieved monthly record shipment of 2.5 million SoCs

September     Wuxi office was established

October          32nm first silicon success

December      Alchip was listed in the emerging marker in Taiwan


January          Awarded ISO-9001 certification

                       Set up in-house wafer probe machine(UF3000)

March             Design win on 55nm Tablet PC SoC

April               Achieved accumulated shipment of 18million SoCs in 55nm

July                Alchip celebrated Grand Opening of New Headquarters Office in Taipei

September     Design win on 40nm image device SoC

November      Awarded ISO-9001 Annual Certificate

December      Won Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2011 Winner Award


January           RA/FA house passed the on-site audit by the top-tier consumer products customer

February         Won"2011 Best supplier" award from top-tier consumer products company

March              Initiate a new design in 28mm

May                 Seoul office was established

July                 Awarded ISO-9001 certification

September     Passed the on-site audit by top-tier consumer products company

November      Achieved 50 million SoCs delivery milestone with ASE

December      Japan office passed ISO-9001 certification

                       Won Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2012 Winner Award


June               Won the first place in ”the annual evaluation of partners ” from top-tier consumer products company

July                Design win on 28nm bitcoin mining machine SoC

August           Design win on 40nm HDTV SoC

September     Design win on 28nm supercomputer SoC

November      Awarded ISO-9001 certification


February         Design win on 20nm bitcoin mining machine SoC

May                 Design win on 28nm medical device SoC of top-tier consumer products company

June                Won the fist place in ”the annual evaluation of partners ” from top-tier consumer products company

September      Design win on 28nm entertainment system SoC

October           Alchip’s IPO on Taiwan Stock Exchange Main Board Listing


January           Alchip BVI and Taiwan Branch were established

February         Design win on 16nm Bitcoin Mining Machine SoC

July                 Design win on 28nm high-efficiency image processing SoC

September      14nm first silicon success of Bitcoin Mining Machine


February         Design win on 28nm DSC SoC for tier-one Japanese company

July                 Completed the 28 nm design case for networking equipment of a China’s big firm

October          Alchip’s Hefei sub-subsidiary was established

December       Completed the 16 nm design case for HPC equipment of a Japan’s big firm


January          Completed the 16 nm design case for networking equipment of a China’s big firm

February        Completed the 16 nm design case for high performance computer of a China’s big firm

August           The office was established in Guangzhou China


January         Completed 7nm SoC Design for Bitcoin Mining Machines
March            Completed 7nm SoC Design for AI Application
April               The subsidiary was established in Jinan China

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