Production Solutions


Continuous Yield Improvement


One of the major challenges to most semiconductor companies today is how to increase the chip yield. Since the yield is directly related to profitability, by managing and improving yield during mass production, a component engineer can have a direct dollar impact on the success of his product. The ability to manage and improve the yield becomes even more vital as processes move to geometries under 40 nanometers.


There are many factors that effect yield. Yield loss due to manufacturing issues such as defect density on the silicon, maturity of the process, and effectiveness of design rules has been understood for many process generations.


Alchip delivers the best service in yield management and yield enhancement. Our highly experienced engineers manage the product yield through Engineering Data Analysis (EDA) software and close collaboration with our tier-1 supply partners.


For yield enhancement, we also closely co-work with our supply partners and FA house to shorten the yield learning curve of each product. There are many successful yield enhancement cases of Alchip, the typical one is a leading edge technology with few customers. And we can quickly fix the yield fluctuation and get stable mass production stage.













Yield fluctuation is much worse in the beginning because of the complexity of the product. However, the yield is stablized after yield-up effort by Alchip.

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