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Alchip offers superior ASIC design and production solutions in niche market. The design includes supercomputers, Bitcoin mining machine, surveillance, entertaining system and medical imaging systems.


Since 2005, Alchip had helped our clients to deliver the high performance ASIC to build the world fastest supercomputers (GRAPE-DR and TianHe-2) in 2006 and 2013 respectively. The Bitcoin industry becomes an escalating market. Alchip’s ASIC chip in Bitcoin mining machine are designed with the most advanced process nodes, which revolutionizes the Bitcoin mining industry. In addition, adopted Alchip’s high-performance SoC, the medical imaging system of our clients has attained 100 times speed of the average standard in the industry. Alchip’s experiences in embedded processors coupled with our expertise in low power design minimize risks in complex entertainment system SoCs. Alchip has successfully helped customers achieve first silicon success, optimize visual experiences, reduce costs and deliver the fast time-to-market product in niche market. 

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