Taipei, Taiwan, June 21, 2018

Along with the mature development of artificial technology, cloud service and virtual reality, market demands for HPC application are set to rise. Alchip Technologies Ltd. (TWSE: 3661), a leading fabless ASIC company, has completed a number of HPC SoC solutions at 16nmFinFET. Alchip has not only delivered outstanding results for customers but also achieved significant breakthroughs within HPC field.

HPC has been a dominant topic lately, its numerous applications and concepts have emerged throughout the market, from supercomputers in the early stage to business applications nowadays which include servers, data centers and cloud equipment, moreover, HPC has took an important part in applications of big data and artificial intelligence, despite there are several challenges bringing HPC and AI together, combining them is only a matter of time. According to TSMC, AI could be considered as a supercomputer, the company remained optimistic about the market growth of high performance computing field, and HPCs are expected to account 25% of their revenue in 2025.

Alchip has grown a reputation in the HPC application field. In 2006, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and TSMC, Alchip successfully developed the world’s ever fastest supercomputer system chip – GP. GP was also the first mass production product at TSMC 90G process in the world at that time and the six-time winner of the Gordon Bell Prize. The computing power of its end products reached the world leading level, and Alchip has successfully fulfilled a leading outcome for its client.

Alchip has completed a number of supercomputer SoC solutions at 16nmFinFET. For example, in 2011, customer’s end product performance became the world’s fastest super computer as soon as it’s launched. Among the Top500 project, Alchip has completed two design cases that broke the world record, in addition, it also successfully assisted Japanese supercomputer customers to accomplish significant results, the chips they worked together ranked top of the Green500. All of these had proved Alchip’s design ability could meet HPC’s advanced design technique which are high speed and low power. Alchip and its clients are currently developing 7nm design projects.

“We are pleased to provide total SoC solutions and help our customer make a major milestone,” said Johnny Shen, CEO of Alchip Technologies, Ltd. “Closer collaboration with our customers allowed Alchip to provide effective design and packaging solutions to achieve one-pass design tapeout. The combination of HPC and AI in the future would definitely be the next battle field of the industry revolution; fortunately, Alchip has already well prepared for this competition before the fever. With our outstanding achievement and professional experience of the fastest, most energy saving SoC solutions in HPC field, we sure could stand out from the race. We will continue to delight our customers by powering them with the fastest time-to-market and the lowest total cost of ownership.”

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Alchip Technologies Ltd, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, is a global leading provider of silicon design and production services for system companies developing complex and high-volume ASIC/SoC. Alchip was founded by semiconductor veterans from Silicon Valley and Japan in 2003. Alchip provides faster time-to-market and cost effective solutions for SoC design with 28/16/12nm and 7nm advanced processes. Our customers include the global leaders in AI, HPC/supercomputer, mobile phones, entertainment devices, networking equipment and other electronic products. Alchip has a proven track record of delivering first time silicon success which is based on our unique SoC design methodology and solutions. Alchip is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations in terms of product quality, reliable and predictable service. Alchip is a public traded company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange with the stock ticker number 3661.

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