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Alchip’s major products can be divided into four categories. First, in HDTV market, Alchip has designed over 40 SoC for HDTV including 4K/UHD TV. In the future, high performance TV will not only be an entertainment system as before, but also an information and multimedia center through the Internet. Furthermore, the market in Networking is surging. Alchip leads the trends of 4G Low Power Design and cooperates with clients to offer 3G and 4G TD-LTE Baseband solutions. Moreover, to dominate the competitive consumer-electronics market, Alchip provides customers with the fastest time-to-market and the lowest cost of solutions. Last, in niche market, Alchip offers remarkable ASIC design and production solutions in supercomputers, Bitcoin mining machine, surveillance, entertaining system and medical imaging systems.

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